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What is laminate? Where can be used?

It simulates wood with features that make it even preferable to wood: greater resistance to wear; better durability over time; no color variation due to exposure to sunlight.

Can I use laminate in furnishing?

Laminate has many advantageous features which make it resistant to bumps, scratches, infiltrations, steam and humidity, that is why it is used often in furniture, for example:

  • the making of tops and cabinets for the kitchen
  • furnitures for the bathroom
  • flooring

Pros e Cons

To summarize what the advantages and disadvantages of laminate are, here is a short list:

  1. esistenza nel tempo
  2. bump resistant
  3. scratch resistant
  4. resistant to condensation and humidity
  5. resistant to steam
  6. resistant to infiltrations
  7. resistant to spots
  8. hygienic
  9. antistatic
  10. possibility of choosing the desired appearance
  11. resistant to great stresses
  12. excellent value for money
  13. easy to clean and mantain
  14. does not get dirty easily
  15. affordability

The disadvantages are not many, actually they are only two:

  1. low resistance to heat, attention must be paid to the contact of the surface with hot objects;
  2. despite the captivating appearence, completely the same as that of natural materials, the laminate is an artificial material.

Additional information

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10mm ac5, 8mm ac4