Water Resistant Laminate

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The water resistant laminate represents unites the quality of three different flooring materials: the charm of wood floor, the resistance of the laminate and the water repellency of vinyl. If you request the installation service, we offer you a one-year all-inclusive warranty.



This product is the fusion of different materials that guarantee performances never before found in only one product.

Classic lovers will enjoy the wood floor effect of this laminate, embellished also with design prints.

The acoustic soundproofing, guaranteed by the combination of two materials used during a special installation technique, ensures better acoustics in all types of environment.

Water repellency, typical of vinyl floors, offers especially in humid or often wet environments, a unique advantage.

If we add, to all this, the resistance to shocks and scratches, typical of laminate, we obtain an exceptional product, suitable for commercial or domestic use.

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