African Larch Parquet – Prime Grade


African Larch Parquet – Prime Grade, smoked – Measures: 10x60x300

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African Larch Parquet – Prime Grade, smoked – Measures 10x60x300

Wood features:
The light sapwood of the larch is very thin, the heartwood color varies greatly from light brown to intense red-brown. The first can occupy from 1⁄ 2 to 1⁄ 3 of the width of the ring.
Sapwood: light yellow.
Heartwood: reddish brown.

Histological structure:
Fiber: straight, often helical.
Texture: fine to medium.

Small, but numerous healthy or sagging knots;
Abundant resin that sometimes forms pockets interlocked in the wood.

Moderately impermeable sapwood (although very variable), waterproof heartwood.

Sawing: easy, except in the case of excess resin;
Drying: fast, but with the risk of cracking;
Planing: easy, but with an eye to resin pockets;
Gluing: easy, but always with attention to the resin;
Nailing and screwing: tending to crack, to be done through the preventive preparation of the seats;
Finishing: easy if there is no resin.

Doors, windows and other interior coverings;
Building and auxiliary constructions;
Roof shingles and packaging;
Decorative veneers;

Mechanical properties:
Static flexural strength: 990 kg / cm²
Compressive strength: 550 kg / cm²

Specific weight:
fresh 860 kg / m³
dried 650 kg / m³

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 10 × 50 × 300 cm